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Our patented humanoid punching bag is 2 feet x 4 feet filled with 3 inch high density foam (HDF) versus other heavy bags that are filled with grains, sand, rags, water or other material making it heavier and bulkier.  The bag is covered in vinyl, making it easy to wipe clean.  Our punching bag is intended to be used with supplied mounts and screws that can be installed between doorway entries, size 30-36 inches wide and 80 inches in height.  Or suspended on fitness power racks, with appropriate attachments (not available through JAB 365).  The HDF used in JAB 365 bags makes it lighter and mobile, but more importantly not as taxing on your joints.  No need to load up on punches and kicks.  Unlike other punching bags that swing when struck, JAB 365 has a more realistic reaction when delivering punches, elbows, kicks or knee combinations.  The height and tension of the bag can be easily adjusted by shortening or lengthening the shock cords and hooks.  An additional 3 inches HDF has been added to the head, giving  a more accurate target for upper cuts and hooks.  Your combos can be delivered to the head and body giving you the feel of going toe-to-toe with a competitor!

JAB 365 punching bag is available in two colors, black and red.  Bags come with four door mounts and screws to secure to doorway.  Additional mounts can be purchased separately, if you want options to hang on other doors in home/office.

U.S. Patent 10,946,261 B2

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Additional Mounts (four mounts)

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