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Benefits of Unilateral Training with the Jab 365 Bag

We are both right side dominant; therefore, our natural stance would be orthodox in boxing. An orthodox stance is when your left foot is forward, and your right hand is nearest to your face. However, we started using our non-dominant side, left in our training 7 months ago, known as the southpaw stance. Southpaw is opposite to the orthodox stance, your right foot is forward, and the left hand is nearest to your face.

Why are we training both dominant and non-dominant sides or in terms of boxing, orthodox and southpaw stances? Quite simple, because of the benefits of unilateral training with the JAB 365 bag. Here are the benefits:

· Fixes Imbalances- By training with your dominant and non-dominant stances you are correcting and preventing imbalances created from over training one side.

· Reduces Risk of Injury- By training both sides evenly you lower your risk of hurting yourself because your body is not overcompensating for a weaker side.

· Better Performance- When your non-dominant side is working almost as well as your dominant side you are going to notice a significant difference in your performance.

Have we benefited? YES! We find that we are more comfortable using our non-dominant side and notice how our speed, power and coordination has enhanced with each training on the JAB 365 bag.

How can you start incorporating unilateral training into your JAB 365 bag workout? Simple, alternate each round between dominant and non-dominant, starting with your non-dominant side.

Round 1: Non-dominant

Round 2: Dominant

Round 3: Non-dominant

Round 4: Dominant

And so forth.

Be patient with the process . . . it took us about 5 months to fully feel comfortable with our non-dominant side, and the benefits have been rewarding. Take a JAB AT IT!

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