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JAB 365 goes beyond 'Just Another Bag'.  The founder and creator is a boxing and workout enthusiast.  She wanted to create a convenient and high quality punching bag for at home workouts.  Collaborating with her personal trainer the founder was able to create a product perfect for all skill levels.  This durable high density foam punching bag can be easily stored and set up in doorways.  JAB 365 will help you achieve a healthy well-being, physically and mentally!  We all need a way to relieve stress from day-to-day pressures of our lives.  Exert your built up tension while getting in a great workout and enhancing a skill.  Face the day with JAB 365 Bag and stay in a present state of mind.  Take a JAB AT IT!

U.S. Patent 10,946,261 B2



Josh Pic.jpg

Josh Amora



Josh is a personal trainer with over a decade of experience and a licensed massage therapist.  He has incorporated JAB 365 Bag with his clients in training sessions. 

Nat Pic.jpg

Natalia Y Arredondo


JAB 365 Bag



Natalia incorporates boxing into her workouts as a stress reliver and great sweat session.  She combines boxing into HITT and circuit workouts.

Just Another Bag 365


The original punching surface that started it all!

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